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How we communicate is changing. Whether via TV, mobile device, DVD or online, videos are now the preferred method of engagement. This trend is only going to accelerate over the coming years.

Situated in the creative powerhouse of Manchester, video production specialists Doodledo are ideally placed to deliver an outstanding experience for your customers or clients, whether you are targeting broadcast or online media or simply spicing up your company website.

With over 30 years’ experience in film and motion graphic design and a strong portfolio of broadcast and corporate clients, we know we can bring your video aspirations to life.

Corporate and Website Video Production

Every piece of content you create, whether via the media or on your own website, is a form of communication. The best content will directly lead to business success.

Do you have an existing corporate video? What does it say about your business?

A corporate video should tell a story and be consistent with brand identity. A well-crafted production will serve both purposes.

As a full-service video production company, Doodledo can provide you with anything you might need for creating your desired end product. From filming and studio space to animation and post-production, we provide the complete package.

In terms of online content, video outperforms other types of content delivery and is treated favourably by Google – two huge reasons to bring a video production company on board.

You would be in good company. Team Sky, Virgin Holidays, M&S, BBC, ITV, Comic Relief and Krispy Kreme are just a handful of the many big name brands we have served in their quest for maximum visibility and impact.

Explainer Videos

In today’s cut-and-thrust market, customers will rarely spend much time trawling through FAQ pages or ‘holding the line’ to get to the answers they need. What they will do though is click on an explainer video, especially if that video is lively and engaging.

Don’t fall into the false economy trap of in-house video production. The results are rarely inspiring and can have the opposite effect of driving customers away. As with any business decision, incorporating video production into your marketing mix should be treated as an investment.

We work with a wide range of businesses, with various budgets and specifications. Please call our friendly team and we will talk through your options. If you do decide to work with Doodledo, we guarantee you will be impressed with the results.

Videos for Advertising

YouTube and other video platforms have made it easier and more affordable than ever to get your message out there. On the other hand, the amount of video content out there means consumers have become more picky about the ad content they watch and more cynical about advertisers’ claims. Clicking the ‘Skip Ad’ button is the norm rather than the exception and an ad really has to speak to a viewer to get them to sit through a whole video let alone click a call-to-action.

Doodledo will help you to rise above the internet chatter and create an advert that will get your customers to sit up and take note.

A Cutting Edge Approach

When it comes to video production, Manchester is the ideal place to be for creative inspiration. We have joined forces with some of the biggest companies and personalities in the industry and are constantly stimulated by fresh ideas and approaches.

We know what can be achieved with effort and a bit of inventive thinking so we always aim high, confident that the result will follow.

Our love for what we do, a relaxed but professional attitude and a strong work ethic form the foundation of our stunning videos. To get the ball rolling, please call us on 0161 298 1298 or fill in our contact form.


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