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With over 30 years’ experience serving a wide range of clients, from big name brands (BBC, ITV, M&S, Team Sky, etc.) to local businesses, Doodledo know all there is to know about video production.

What Kind of Video do you Need?

Every project we undertake is unique but here are some general categories of video we specialise in:

Corporate video
Your customers don’t want to deal with a bland, faceless entity. Hosting a corporate video on your website, or sharing it via social media will bring your brand to life and put personality into your products and services.

We focus on creating a compelling narrative and a visual impact that will get people engaging with you. After all, communication is at the heart of business success.

Explainer videos
Do away with your long-winded FAQs page and take the pressure off your inbound calls team with a series of explainer videos. Short-form explainer videos can deal with a specific question or promote a core product. A longer introductory video could condense the story of your brand into one high impact experience.

Client testimonials
Let your satisfied customers do your PR for you with a sharable testimonial video. We are adept at putting even the most camera shy individual at ease and capturing their praise for use in your digital marketing.

Training videos
Increasing the skills and knowledge of your employees need not involve expensive courses or taking up the valuable time of experienced staff members. A trainer video can be created once and then made available for company-wide access.

Events and awards ceremonies
If you have gone to the time and expense to set up an event, conference or awards ceremony, you may as well squeeze every drop of publicity from it. We can film and set up pre-recorded video segments ahead of awards presentations, create an events highlights package for post-event publicity or even live stream the entire show.

Online and broadcast ads
We are experienced in creating ads for TV and cinema screens as well as modern platforms (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) We can work closely with you to ensure your final ad is beautiful, powerful, platform-specific and relevant to your target market.

From Concept to Completion: A Full Suite of Services

Feel free to choose from our wide range of video production services or commission us for your entire project. Our team have a broad set of skills and can take care of everything from initial studio set-up and broadcast quality filming all the way through to slick post-production. We also offer ancillary services such as design and branding and help with social media strategy.

Introducing The Sharp Project

If you need fine control over every aspect of your video set up, our studio facilities can provide you with everything you need. The Sharp Project is our Manchester-based studio containing green screen technology for background replacement and an infinity cove for a seamless product backdrop. With broadcast standard editing facilities we can identify your highlight moments, select the best shots, create a compelling narrative and add in special effects, colour treatments and other visual enhancements. We will make sure your final product is the strongest it can be.

The Magic of Motion Graphics

The versatility of motion graphics makes this a wonderful technique for working with. They can be used as the basis of an explainer video, as special effects on a film production or to animate live broadcast footage.

As the technology behind motion graphics continues to develop, the only limit to their application will be your imagination.

For top quality commercial video production services, look no further than Doodledo. We look forward to hearing from you. Please call 0161 2981298 or complete our handy contact form.


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