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Experienced Video Marketing Agency in Manchester

Video Marketing Agency

Whatever type of video you are interested in creating, from high-spec music videos to advertising clips or animated explainer sequences to traditional presented corporate videos, Doodledo can provide everything you need.

Whether you are looking for filming and production services, broadcast-standard editing, motion graphics design, a video marketing agency or all of the above, our broad range of skills places us in the ideal position to help.

Video Production Services

With over 30 years’ experience in film production and motion graphics, we can produce and market a wide range of different kinds of video for multiple purposes.

Corporate videos are an efficient and engaging way to tell the story of your business and brand. Investing in a polished production with a professional-standard film crew, dedicated studio facilities and state-of-the-art editing capability will help you to connect with your customers.

Explainer videos are popular short-form productions which can be adapted for many purposes. From high-level sequences introducing your brand to specific clips for highlighting product features or answering FAQs, explainer videos are invaluable.

Explainer videos are a great social media marketing tool because of their compact format and suitability for sharing and generating social media buzz.

Advertising is another area where video marketing techniques can be used. For example, we can help you to create an ad clip for YouTube marketing or a short-form video for your Adwords landing page.

We can take care of all aspects of the production process from initial ideas and concept generation right through to post-production and video marketing.

Throughout the process, you can be assured of a relaxed but professional approach from the Doodledo team, consistent hard work and a willingness to push the boundaries of possibility to achieve a high-spec final product.

Why Animated Marketing Videos Make Sense

Doodledo are specialists in motion graphics and animations so if you need special effects adding to your video production or a completely animated video, we have all the skills and facilities you could ever need.

Animated videos give you maximum control over the narrative and final design of your video. We can also tightly integrate your branding and current marketing campaign design aesthetic.

2D/3D animation and motion graphics techniques can turn your numbers and other dry stats into highly visual infographics. Infographics are on trend at the moment with customers now expecting to see information presented in colourful and dynamic ways.

The exciting field of motion graphics design is constantly evolving with emerging technology increasing the bounds of what is possible in video production. We enjoy working with these ground-breaking tools and we’re sure you will love the results.

Getting your Video to Market

Producing your corporate or broadcast video is only half the battle. You also need people to see and interact with it. We have a deep understanding of what different audiences respond to and can help you to position your video for maximum effect.

Nobody can predict whether a video will ‘go viral,’ but if the conditions are ripe (e.g. your message is part of a hot conversation), we can help to seed content with our social media partners.

A Broadcast Mindset with a Corporate Focus

Our experience of working on cutting-edge productions with broadcast industry leaders (ITV, BBC, Channel 5, Dave, etc.) has honed our skills to a fine edge, ensuring our video productions are always of the highest standard. We apply this broadcast mindset to all of our corporate projects, whatever their scope and budget, to guarantee a highly marketable end product.

Experienced Video Marketing Agency in Manchester

For more details on how we work, our services, our facilities or anything else, please complete our online contact form. Alternatively, feel free to call our friendly team on 0161 2981298.


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