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Are you considering hiring a good quality video production company? Manchester based Doodledo have the skills, personnel and industry experience to handle your video-related project, whatever its scope or form.

Whether you need an online corporate and explainer video, a high-impact ad for the silver screen or a smartphone, a title sequence for a new movie or a film crew for a hard-hitting documentary, we can deliver a high quality product.

Expressing your Voice Through Corporate Video

Are looking to create an animated sequence or a presented video? Doodledo can help you to engage with each viewer while speaking with your authentic voice. Your production needs to tell a compelling story whether you are introducing your company, packaging an event or selling a product or service. With our help, you can identify the narrative and weave it effectively throughout your video.

Videos and animations are a versatile tool. For example, they can be used as an alternative to a standard FAQ page, answering the most common questions your customers are asking about you.

Some businesses are also seeing the value in putting satisfied customers in front of the lens. People are often skeptical of written testimonials since they can be easily faked. Filmed testimonial videos on the other hand helps to prove to your clients that your products or services are having a positive impact on real people.

Video can also enhance the effectiveness of your training programmes. How much easier is it to show a new employee how to use some software or a piece of equipment rather than trying to tell them in words or a sequence of still images? Unlike one-to-one tuition, a training video is always available whenever a refresh is needed.

Ads for Real Impact

Another popular use of video is in advertising campaigns, particularly online ads, due to their cost-effectiveness. From cinema and TV advertisements to short-form clips for social media sharing, we cover the full spectrum of ad formats. We can assist you in adapting your ad to appeal to its intended audience and make best use of the media on which it is played.

As you will know, there is a lot of advertising out there and it can be tough for any business to stand out from the general noise. We are confident that we can find that special ingredient which will speak directly to your intended audience.

Broadcast-Quality Facilities

Our video production expertise is enhanced by our state-of-the-art studio facilities at The Sharp Project, Manchester. We can provide green screen and infinity cove options for precise background control and broadcast-standard post-production facilities where a lot of the magic happens.

We are also happy to carry out filming at an external studio or in the field if you are creating a documentary. We can even build a custom-made studio for a specific project if needed and take charge of absolutely everything from filming and directing to make-up and accounting. If you think you’ll need something, just ask. You may be surprised at what we can provide for your project.

Not Just a Video Company

Our expertise expands even beyond video production. Additional Doodledo services include design and branding, social media content and strategy, internal communications, 2D and 3D animations, infographic creation and more.

We are fully committed to every project we get involved with and can offer the benefit of 30 years’ plus industry experience. Our relaxed and professional approach supported by a broad skill set ensures a strong final product every time.

We are confident that we can meet and exceed the service provided by any other video company in Manchester. We invite you to fill in our contact form or call 0161 298 1298 for more information.


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