TV Advert Production

Broadcast Quality TV Advert Production for Businesses

TV Advert Production for Businesses

TV commercial production is a specialist area requiring a broadcast mindset and a broad range of technical skills. With a portfolio which includes projects for some of the top names in the broadcast industry (BBC, ITV, Channel 5, Dave, etc.), Doodledo bring real professional quality to our TV ads production work.

From Script to Special Effects

Are you coming to us with a fully fleshed-out script or a blank page? Either way, your script will need to form the foundation of your advert, driving the action on which everything else sits. we can work closely with you to develop a powerful, compelling narrative which is focused tightly on your target audience.

If you need to capture some quality live footage or to set up a temporary studio, our highly skilled film team are on at your service. We can look after all aspects of the production process, including studio set up, make-up, filming, directing and even administrative tasks such as accounting.

After all filming has been done, we can enhance your best shots and add treatments, audio and special effects using our professional editing skills and technology.

With over 30 years’ experience in broadcast and corporate film production, you can be sure that we will cover everything needed to create a final product you can be proud of. All you need to bring us are your ideas!

Looking for More Inspiration?

The traditional brash corporate advertisement is no longer enough to hold and sustain an audience’s attention. Here are some further ideas to help inspire you.

  • Incorporating authentic client testimonials can add valuable social proof to your TV adverts. Talk to us about interviewing your satisfied customers and bringing the best out of them.
  • Live events can show a more dynamic and exciting side of your business. Our talented film crew can take live footage from your special night for use in your advert.
  • Create a short-form version of your TV advert for social media promotion or your website landing page.
  • Incorporate animation and/or motion graphics (or create a completely animated advert).

Animation and Motion Graphics Specialists

As a cutting edge TV advert production company, we can offer you the very latest motion graphics and animations technology. These can make all the difference between a good TV advert and a stunning one.

Some adverts are animated from start to finish while others make use of motion graphics to add individual special effects, introduce artificial objects into an otherwise realistic setting or bring logos to life in a memorable animated sting to end your commercial with.

Animation can also be used to present information in a more viewer-friendly way. For example, customers now expect to see clear infographics about products when they first encounter them. We can use animation and motion graphics technology to display that information in a powerful way.

In fact, the possibilities are endless. When it comes to motion graphics and animation, anything you can imagine can be incorporated into your TV advert. We love working with this continuously evolving field so please bring us your wildest ideas.

Top Class Studio Facilities with Green Screen Capability

You can bring your dreams to life at our Manchester studio facilities. The Sharp Project includes a green screen studio, helping you to simulate any scenery (real or fantasy) and an infinity cove, for showcasing products in front of a perfect, shadow-free background.

For an initial discussion with one of the most skilled and experienced advert production companies in Manchester, please call us on 0161 2981298. If you prefer us to contact you, please enter your details via our online contact form.


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