Motion Graphics Designer

Motion Graphics for Corporate and Broadcast Projects

Motion Graphics Designer

Are you looking for a company with a solid background in broadcast-standard motion graphics? Manchester based Doodledo have the right credentials. With 30 years or more in the film and motions graphic field, we are ideally placed to assist you in creating a high quality visual experience for your intended audience.

Motion Graphics and Animation Specialists

We offer a full range of motion graphics and animation services from individual special effects and title sequences to fully animated film sequences.

We can bring your project to life with attention-grabbing 2D and 3D animations, always prioritising the need to tell your story and lead your viewer towards your desired objective (whether that’s an ad click, filling in an online form or buying a product).

Motion graphics are another versatile tool in the film producer’s toolkit, helping to clarify information, enhance design aesthetics, strengthen branding and add life and action to any production.

Motion graphics move beyond simple animation to incorporate abstract shapes and patterns into the mix. They are ideal for animating logos, backgrounds and other aspects of your brand to bring new life to your business and enhance brand sentiment.

Thinking Beyond Corporate Video

Many corporate videos on the internet are limited in their conception, often consisting of a company representative talking against a plain or branded background. Incorporating broadcast-standard motion graphics can spice up a tired corporate video or you could consider creating an entire sequence using only motion graphics and/or animations.

Animated explainer videos are trending at the moment. These are short-form (100 seconds or less) video clips designed to introduce a company, explain the features of a product, answer a commonly asked question or perform some other focused action. Motion graphics and animations are ideal for explainer videos due to their flexibility and ability to engage the viewer.

Are you hosting an awards ceremony, celebrations night, seminar or conference? Motion graphics can be neatly integrated with your visual sequences to help create a theme for the night, resulting in a polished and professional event.

Training videos can also be created or embellished with motion graphics. The options truly are unlimited.

Motion Graphics for Advertising and Social Media Promotion

Motion graphics can also play a big part in your advertising or social media marketing campaigns. Rather than focusing your time and resources on recruiting actors (or training in-house staff), sourcing locations and filming multiple takes, you could be creating an animated sequence giving you fine control over the entire production.

Rather than divert ad clicks to a word-heavy page of text, place a motion graphics sequence on your landing page. We can ensure your creation is designed to grab and hold your visitors’ attention, take them on a journey and lead them to a strong call-to-action.

Motion graphics productions can also be seamlessly integrated with your social media marketing, increasing your chances of widespread sharing. We can’t guarantee a viral video (that depends on many factors coinciding in time) but we can maximise your chances.

Why Choose Doodledo?

We have been privileged to work with a wide range of businesses and broadcast clients, each with their own unique needs and expectations. From industry-leading broadcasters (BBC, ITV, Channel 5, Dave, etc.) to local businesses, our experience spans the entire market. Regardless of your project’s scope and budget, you will be benefiting from the considerable knowledge and skill we’ve amassed over the years. We treat every project with the same creativity and professionalism because we love what we do.

To talk through your options, please call Doodledo on 0161 2981298. Alternatively, please enter your details on our online form and one of our friendly team will be in touch.


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