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Film Production

Does your website need a high quality company film? If you are researching suitable film companies in Manchester, you’ve definitely come to the right place. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, an impressive broadcast and corporate client list and state-of-the-art studio facilities, Doodledo can deliver a powerful and polished production.

What Makes a Great Company Film?

Experience tells us that the best company films are visually engaging stories, captivating the viewer’s attention and leading them towards ever greater connection with your brand. A great company film will spark a conversation between your customers and clients and could even start a social media fire if other conditions are ripe for ‘virality.’

Whether you are brimming with novel ideas or unsure where to start, we invite you to share your brief and allow us to work our magic. We enjoy a challenge and can always find a way to turn your cherished ideas into a viable end product. We always aim high and focus on making an impact to ensure your video product stands out from and rises above the general noise of corporate promotion.

The Sharp Project, our Manchester-based studio space, offers fine control over presentation with green screen and infinity cove facilities.

Motion Graphics and Animation Specialists

We also stand out from among many other film production companies in Manchester due to our considerable animations and motion graphics experience. We offer a full range of solutions from this exciting and ever-evolving field.

What could this technology do for your company film? We could create animated transitions between topics, add in a motion graphics rendition of your logo, turn your facts and figures into beautiful and dynamic infographics or spice up your intro sequence. We can even create a completely animated film and do away with filmed footage altogether. This is a trend seen on many corporate websites today.

With motion graphics and 2D/3D animation, your website can be the canvas for a unique masterpiece of your own creation. Anything is possible!

Awards Ceremonies, Explainer Videos and Testimonials

A company film does not have to mean a high end introduction to your business and brand. Here are just some of the purposes to which our skills have been turned:

Awards ceremonies and events
Awards ceremonies and celebration events are company highlights and worthy of being captured in a high quality film production. We can provide an experienced film crew to record your live event and then pick out and enhance the best footage in our broadcast-standard editing facilities.

Explainer videos
An increasingly popular request for film production companies is to create a series of online explainer videos. These short-form productions typically last for less than 100 seconds and are usually focused on explaining how specific product features work or on answering frequently asked questions.

Testimonial videos
Authentic video testimonials can be a powerful way to add some social proof to your claims of excellence. We are skilled at putting your satisfied customers at ease and bringing out their natural voices.

Other types of production we can assist you with include music videos, online ads, YouTube clips, social media video posts, vlogs, documentary footage, vox pops and more.

Outstanding Results Every Time
When it comes to hiring film production companies, top UK broadcasters and businesses often choose Doodledo to handle their high-end projects. Our professional but relaxed and creative approach is ideally suited to this demanding and ever-changing field.

Whatever the scope and budget of your project, you can be assured we will work hard to deliver an outstanding final product.

Please call us on 0161 2981298 to explore your options or leave us a message via our online contact form.


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