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Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a flexible and popular short-form video solution tailored to appeal to the modern digital content consumer. With over 30 years’ experience in the film and motion graphics industry, Doodledo can help you to transform your customers’ user experience with broadcast quality explainer videos.

What Could an Explainer Video do for you?

Explainer videos can be easily adapted to fit many different purposes. Sometimes they are used as a high level introduction, detailing who the company are, what they do and why they matter to their target audience.

Explainer videos can also be focused on specific aspects of a business. For example, they can replace dry and dusty FAQ pages (or frustrating phone queues) with highly engaging video clips. They can also be used to promote individual products or services or as a guide to how to use them.

As a rule of thumb, if you need to explain anything to an online audience, no matter how broad or narrow the topic, an explainer video can take the place of text or still images for a more appealing, dynamic and successful user experience.

As with all online successful corporate videos, an explainer video needs to tell a story and actively lead the viewer to take an action (or deeply absorb an idea). We can work closely with you to ensure your explainer video is as effective as it is entertaining.

Explainer videos are also great for social media sharing. We can help you to optimise your sequences to make sure that they are ready for sharing and liking on YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Instagram and other platforms. If you are anxious to join in a current hot conversation, let us know and we can work quickly to get your video ready and seeded with our social media partners.

The Benefits of an Animated Explainer Video

Explainer videos can make use of traditional filming techniques or can be completely animated. Explainer animation is an exciting, innovative field making the impossible real through creative manipulation of 2D and 3D images and abstract patterns.

With animated sequences there is no need to hire in a professional actor or to coach company employees to stand or sit in front of a camera. There is also no need to reserve studio space or take time out of the business day to set up film shoots. An animated explainer video puts you in complete control of the production process.

Animated explainer videos work well with infographics, turning your key stats and figures into meaningful visual information. By using motion graphics, we can bring your logo to life and animate other visual aspects of your brand to strengthen your identity, always following your brand guidelines and current marketing aesthetic of course.

Broadcast-standard Facilities Available

Much of the motion graphics magic happens in our broadcast-standard facility in Manchester, the Sharp Project. Whether we are setting up a branded background for your presenter in our infinity cove, teleporting them across the globe with green screen technology or editing together a slick animated sequence, you can be sure of a polished final cut.

Why Doodledo are the Ideal Explainer Video Production Company

With our portfolio of big name brands from the broadcast and corporate world, we combine the high production standards expected from the likes of the BBC and ITV with the tight business focus demanded from customer like Balfour Beatty and Marks & Spencer.

We combine a relaxed and professional approach with a solid work ethic and enthusiasm for what we do. To tell us more about your project, please call us on 0161 2981298 or enter your details in our online contact form.


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