Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Services for Online and Broadcast Marketing

Corporate Video Production

If you are planning on creating a corporate video to showcase your products and services, tell your brand story or introduce you and your team, Doodledo can deliver the quality you and your customers or clients deserve.

With over 30 years’ industry experience, industry-standard equipment and facilities and a professional attitude, Doodledo are the smart choice for corporate video production in Manchester.

What Makes a Great Corporate Video?

A great corporate video doesn’t just talk at the viewer, it communicates with them, opening up a conversation which they feel part of. As attention spans are on the wane, you no longer have the luxury of time to warm your audience up. Your video needs to grab attention from the first scene and maintain it until the end.

A great corporate video tells a story, drawing the viewer into the narrative. By the end of the video, they should know who you are, what you do and, most important of all, why they should care.

A great corporate video is unique. We will challenge your ideas to find new angles and ways to inspire and connect with your audience.

A great corporate video is sharable and may even go viral if enough people like what they see.

Other Video Projects we can Help With

Videos can be adapted to meet various business needs. Here is just an idea of what is possible:

Explainer videos
As the name suggests, explainer videos are used to educate your visitor about some aspect of your business. It could be about the features of a specific product, the answer to a frequently asked question or even a high-level explanation of what your business does.

Explainer videos can be animated or presented as preferred.

Training videos
Training videos include in-house material for system training, health and safety, site induction and more. They also include training products which can be packaged and sold to raise revenue.

Testimonial videos
Why spend time promoting your qualities when a satisfied customer could do it for you? We specialise in working sensitively with your customer advocates whatever public speaking experience they have.

Do you need a series of short, compelling online ad clips for a social media or PPC campaign? Or a 30 second plus commercial for TV or cinema? We have an in-depth understanding of the types of ads that appeal to different audiences across various media types.

Videos for Apps
A descriptive video about your mobile app can boost downloads. It can also ensure that potential buyers know exactly what they are getting, avoiding disappointment and increasing average ratings.

The possibilities are endless so if you have a video project in mind that isn’t listed above, don’t worry. We’re confident we can provide the solution you are looking for.

From Filming to Final Project
Doodledo can take care of the entire corporate video production process, from scripting and filming to grading and editing and everything in between.

Our state-of-the-art studio space at The Sharp Project offers green screen and infinity cove facilities for tight control over background. Alternatively we can come to you (and even build you a studio if needed).

In fact, you can think of Doodledo as your one stop shop for everything to do with corporate video in Manchester.

Additional Doodledo Services
Our services do not stop with corporate video production. We can also help you with design and branding, infographics, social media content and strategy, 2D and 3D animation and much more.

Please call 0161 2981298 or fill in our handy contact form to find out more about us and what we can do for you.

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