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Introducing quality animations is a creative way to spice up any video footage and animations can also be used to form engaging sequences of their own. With many years’ experience in the animations and motion graphics field we can help you with all aspects of your corporate or broadcast project.

Creative and Cost-Effective Animations

Animated sequences and motion graphics can be put to a huge array of uses. For example, by replacing a corporate video with an animated alternative, you don’t have to worry about finding someone to stand up in front of a camera and there is no need to set up a studio or find a suitable location for filming.

As with all corporate videos we produce, we focus on telling your story to open up that dialogue with customers that is the lifeblood of business success.

Animated sequences are also popular as explainer videos, versatile short-form sequences which can be used to introduce your company, reveal how a particular product works or even answer your FAQs.

In fact, any type of video can be replaced by an animated or motion graphics sequence. From online ads and training videos to social media clips and music videos, nothing is off limits.

Our animations expertise is not limited to corporate projects and digital format. We also have a wealth of experience in designing animated title sequences and visual special effects for the broadcast industry including TV programmes and documentaries. Basically, if your project involves animations or motion graphics, Doodledo are interested.

Animation and Special Effects

Animations are often used alongside special effects to add colour and life to video productions. This can be particularly useful when dealing with subject matters that are less than inspiring. Anything becomes possible with a touch of animations magic. We can bring a cartoon strip to life with slick 2D animation techniques, create larger-than-life animated characters or break apart a 3D product to show off its inner structure and features.

Infographics are another type of animation that are popular with today’s consumers and they are beginning to expect to see information presented in a clear and engaging way. Creating the right charts, graphs and flow charts can make all the difference between an engaging, informative production that people want to share and a dull and confusing waste of online space. If you work with Doodledo on your infographics, your audience won’t be left disappointed.

Brand Integration

Some businesses have built their entire brand around animation. Others have used animations or motion graphics to great effect to enhance their existing brand.

The great thing about animations and motion graphics is their life and movement. If your brand is looking dull and stale, we can help you to inject some new life into it.

When it comes to logos, icons and other visual elements of brand identity, these lend themselves perfectly to motion graphics treatment since they can be modified, given motion and combined with other abstract graphics for a unique composition.

We can use your brand guidelines and colour palette when creating animations or motion graphics sequences, maintaining consistency and strengthening your brand identity.

Unlimited Possibilities

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve,’ said Napoleon Hill. He could have been talking about animations and motion graphics as the possibilities are truly limitless.

New technology is emerging all the time in this rich and dynamic field, increasing the options available to creative producers.

Whatever you have in mind, we are confident we can meet and even exceed your expectations. As one of the leading animation companies in Manchester, your project couldn’t be in safer hands. Contact us through our web contact form or by calling 0161 2981298.


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